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Oh Baby!

  • $27.99

These super cute casual graphic tees at a major crowd pleaser!

They can be dressed up or worn super casual!

This cotton/poly T-Shirt is so light and comfortable.

This is wear classy meets chic meets bohemian. Add your favorite piece of jewelry or wear to the beach. Super versatile and a must have for EVERY expectant mom!

Comes in Small-XXXLove

Size                 Bust                 Shoulder          Waist

Small               35 inches         14 inches         38inches

Medium           38 inches         14 inches         39 inches

Large               39 inches         15 inches         41 inches

XLove             41 inches         15 inches         43 inches

XXLove          44 inches         16 inches         48 inches

XXXLove        48 inches         16 inches         51 inches