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Rocker Skinny Jeans

  • $54.99

Who says denim has to be boring!

Check out these Rocker Style Maternity Jeans! Roll them up to make them into capri's for the different seasons! Got to love dual purpose clothes!

Extra Stretchy Belly will grow with you and will still be comfortable! Well as comfortable as a 36 week baby can be!

Sizes come in Medium to XXXLove.

You don't need to give up fashion just because you are pregnant!

Size     Length                Waist                   Hips

M          41 inches       31-45 inches        34-37 inches

L           41                  32-46                     36-39

XL        42                  34-48                      37-40

XXL     42                   36-49                      38-41

XXXL   43                  37-52                       39-43